Manure Recycling

With the encroachment of cities on formerly rural areas, the pressure is on horse owners to maintain very high sanitation standards. For many urban and suburban horse owners, paying to have manure hauled away regularly by a refuse company is the only answer.

RPJ Waste Services Inc. specializes in manure hauling and, in fact, recycles all of the manure. Fewer horse owners are composting manure themselves as they simply do not have the land to store it or to spread it on. Land is scarce and at a premium, so RPJ is very busy catering to the horse acreage owner as well as the large commercial stables.

30 cubic yard roll-off dumpster is a $250.00 flat rate per load. All cans are charged a pre-determined rental fee if they stand idle for more than a month.

Roll-Off Container Service for Manure in Kent County

RPJ offers 30-cubic yard dumpsters and will arrange a pick up schedule to suit the client’s needs.

Additional great recycling programs available through RPJ Waste are...