Pro-Flush Mobile Office System

Utilized primarily for Mobile Office Trailers, our Pro-Flush Portable Office System offers a temporary fresh water and waste tank system providing seamless water & waste removal when municipal water & sewer is not available.


Delivery of fresh water
Waste pumping and removal
System Maintenance





Mobile Sales Trailers
Mobile Office Trailers
Mobile Construction Trailers




How the System Works

The Pro-Flush System consists of an on demand water pump mounted under the trailer that pumps the water from the reservoir to the sink and toilet. A 250 gallon fresh water reservoir is installed under the trailer and a low volume flushing toilet is provided if not already installed. All waste that is generated through the use of the toilet or sink flows to a seperate 250 gallon holding tank that is under the trailer. On scheduled days, a Service Technician will fill the water reservoir and pump out the waste within the holding tank.

Installation Questions - What We Will Ask

How many people will be using the system and how long is your work week? This helps us to determine the correct amount of service to provide.
What do I need to provide a proper installation? All we need for installation is to have a clear area to work in and to have electricity to your mobile office trailer.
How long will the system be needed? This lets us determine whether or not to install a winterization package.






Installation Requirements - What We Need

Flat, level surface under the trailer by the waste dump
25" clearance from the trailer frame to ground
Electronic hook-up (2-110 volt plug-ins) on a 40 amp breaker within 3' of the waste dump
Removal of skirting in the area of installation
No trailer anchoring devices within 6' of either side of the waste dump
Existing bathroom plumbing










Inspection & Scheduling

Before installation, we will inspect the site to be sure all requirements listed above are met. After inspection, we will schedule the installation.


Water in this sytem is NOT DRINKABLE. Do not use for making coffee, etc.