Recycling is not only beneficial to our environment and economy, it can also be an easy way to cut waste removal costs, whether for job site construction debris or routine office waste.

Recycling Programs

Whatever size business, RPJ Waste Services customers benefit from the recycling programs provided by one of the largest recyclers in Delaware. RPJ Waste Services collected more than 40 million pounds of recyclable materials so far in 2010 and has established strong markets for out of ordinary recyclable materials. Click here for a list of common recycling terms.


LEED - Construction Site Recycling
Single Stream Recycling for businesses
Cardboard Recycling
Tire Recycling
Manure Recycling
Metal Recycling
Wood / Yard Waste Recycling
Soil Remediation

RPJ Waste Service can help your business discover cost-savings by conducting a free recycling audit of your company’s waste stream.

RPJ Waste Services will visually inspect and detail the types and volumes of trash. This free assessment will provide information for RPJ to design a comprehensive recycling program customized to meet your company’s needs. Call us today at 302-653-9999 to set up an appointment or contact us today!