Single Stream Recycling

RPJ Waste Services Inc. now offers single-stream commercial recycling. This means you can place all RPJ approved recyclables together into a frontload container which will be picked up on a routine schedule. To see if you qualify for this program please contact an RPJ Representative for a free waste and recycling survey.

What happens to the materials?

Once the single-stream materials are collected by RPJ they are taken to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), where the recyclable materials are separated and sent to various markets to be used in the manufacturing of new products.

What materials can we recycle?

RPJ's Single-Stream Frontload Recycling includes the following items which can be put together into the frontload container provided by RPJ.

Newspapers/ Brown Paper Bags
Telephone/Soft Cover Books
Junk Mail/Envelopes (all types)
Paperboard (cereal/tissue boxes)
Narrow-Neck Plastic Bottles
Plastic Grocery Bags
Milk Jugs, Bleach/Detergent, Shampoo Bottles
Glass Bottles/Jars (any color)
Metal Cans (tin/steel/aluminum)

Call RPJ Waste Services at 302-653-9999 for a free waste and recycling audit or Contact Us for more information.

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