Frontload Auto Lock Bar

This system allows the front load container lids to be secured with a lock without the lock having to be removed for our trucks to provide service.

The automatic container lock feature will:

  • Large items wedged in the container can cause the container not to empty completely. When placing such items in the container please make sure they are able to come out freely in the dumping process.
  • If you have a special clean up or construction project, we have Roll-off containers that can be placed for such debris.

Prohibited Waste List

Keep animals out of your container
Provide an overall cleaner environment
Prevent illegal dumping
Reduce need for extra dumps & additional costs
Reduce your liability






A locked container conveys the message that unauthorized dumping is prohibited. Keeping children, scavengers, and homeless people out reduces the potential of injury.

Businesses are being advised to watch what they throw away and secure their trash due to the increase in identity theft. A breach of information can have long reaching effects for your business and possibly your customers, vendors, suppliers, and employees. Misuse or loss of information is a major concern of the consumer base.

To use you will put a padlock on the front of the automatic lock. This will keep the container locked while it is on the ground. To open the container, remove the padlock and rotate the manual release lever, this pulls the lock bar back and opens the lid. Reverse these instructions to close the container.