RPJ Waste Services prides itself on providing a complete range of residential and commercial septic pumping services.


  • Locate your system
  • Remove the sod and dig up your system or remove your riser lids
  • Blend your primary tank (this mixes the crust layer, the liquid, and the solids into a slurry)
  • Pump the slurry from the primary tank and the liquid from the secondary tank
  • Inspect your system for any problems and report problems to you
  • Replace your riser lids or backfill your system and replace the sod


Kent County Upper Sussex County Lower New Castle County

Helpful FAQs

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How to tell your septic tank is full and needs emptying:
  • Pooling water
  • Slow drains
  • Odors
  • Sewage backup
  • Gurgling pipes
  • Trouble flushing
How often does your septic tank need to be serviced?

The average household septic system should be pumped every two to three years. Four major factors influence the frequency of septic pumping:

  • Household size
  • Total wastewater generated
  • Volume of solids in wastewater
  • Septic tank size
What are risers?
Risers are caps that allow access to the tank from above the grounds surface. Since digging is not required with risers it can reduce maintenance costs by eliminating digging fees. Typically the cost of risers will pay for themselves after a few septic tank pumping, depending on how deep your system was originally installed.
How often should the filter be serviced?
In addition routing pumping most manufacturers recommend cleaning the filter in your septic tank every 6 months for proper operation. This will restrict solids from leaving the tank and prevent problems in your drain field and outgoing septic tank line.

At RPJ Waste Services, we strive to provide high-quality products, affordable pricing, and exceptional customer service within the state of Delaware. We specialize in dumpster, portable toilet, septic, and storage container services for both residential and commercial projects.

We believe in the power of becoming a part of the Delaware communities we service. Not only do we maintain our family owned local roots, we seek to provide the highest quality service at competitive rates, while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible.
We stand by the philosophy that every person matters, whether they’re a customer today or a potential customer tomorrow. We are driven to service the community we live in and aim to provide waste disposal services that make a difference, not just in the moment, but long into the future.

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At RPJ Waste Services we pride ourselves on putting our customers first.
We strive to charge customers the bare minimum needed to get the job done.