Fuel Surcharges

RPJ Waste Services Inc. prides itself in only implementing a fuel surcharge when absolutely necessary. Our customers did not see a fuel surcharge at all in 2009! Below is our fuel surcharge table. You will know exactly what your fuel surcharge will be, based on the average cost of fuel for the month. You will be able to find the average cost of fuel per month in the bottom left hand corner of your invoice. RPJ will not begin implementing the fuel surcharge until fuel reaches $2.75 per gallon. If you compare our fuel surcharge to others in our same industry, you will find that ours is very conservative and by far the most customer friendly. Thank you for your business! The fuel surcharge will increase by half a percent for every 5 cent increase in the price per gallon of fuel. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.
RPJ Waste Services, Inc. Fuel Surcharge Table
under $2.7490.0%